Squat Your Dog Workouts Take Instagram by Storm


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Maybe you can run marathons, maybe you can lift weights, but can you squat your dog?


A brand new, completely adorable workout trend spreading across social media sites like Instagram is encouraging users to take photos or video of themselves holding their dog in a weightlifting position along with a hashtag reading “squat your dog.” As of June 8, the “squat your dog” hashtag has over 500 posts, with canines of all shapes and sizes being used for the cutest of workouts. Some are big dogs that definitely provide a strenuous lift:

#squatyourdog #squatyourdogchallenge #60lbs #goldendoodle

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While others dogs are considered to be tiny, we’re not sure if squatting them even counts as physical activity.

Found a new workout partner #squatyourdog #englishbulldog #bulldogpuppy @thewanderingwillow0218

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Tryna get that summer bod ft. Some sage advice from my mother #squatyourdog 📸: @tiny_bellarina

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Some users have tried to “double up” on the challenge.
A few have even come up with the purrfect way to “improvise” their squats when a dog was unavailable.
To check out more photos and videos, head over to Instagram and search for #SquatYourDog. Be sure to share this article with anyone you know who may want to add some woof to their workout.

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