Story of Mother Pit Bull and Pup Reuniting May Make You Cry


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Source: The Abandoned Ones "Saving Animals in Danger"/Facebook

Source: The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”/Facebook

Oh boy. This one is a doozy. The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger” is a volunteer group based in Forth Worth, Texas, whose sole mission is the rescue and fostering of abandoned animals. Recently, the founder of the group, Judy Obregon, was scouring Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, a park known for being a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, when she encountered a mother pit bull.

The dog was severely malnourished and covered in fleas, so she took her to the safety of her car. But her search was not done. Finding a mother meant that a puppy may be nearby, and so she continued, hoping.


About a block away, her search bared fruit, as she found a baby pit bull. She brought it to her car, where the puppy couldn’t wait to be reunited with its mother, latching on and feeding. Soon, both exhausted, they fell asleep, tucked close to each other, as if to make sure they would never be separated again.

Check out the heartwarming video of the rescue:

After recovering, both pit bulls will be ready for adoption. The mother was named Hope.
The puppy? Future.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.


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