Student Writes Hilarious Mock Cover Letter Applying for Water Boy Position With Dallas Cowboys


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Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

It’s probably the funniest cover letter you’ll ever read.

When a teacher asked his students to write a cover letter for their dream jobs, he wasn’t expecting one of his students to “apply” for being a water boy with a professional football team, but that’s exactly what happened.


The unnamed student wrote a satirical cover letter to Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, that lists all his “experience” in dealing with water and different kinds of cups.

The student begins:

“Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing to apply for the water boy position advertised in the Sports Illustrated (sic) magazine. I have much experience in pouring cups of water and working with people who drink water.”

But wait, it gets better:

“I have been pouring cups of water since the age of 4. I’ve made drinks for people from the ages of 3 to 55.”

Dang, talk about impressive!

The hilarious letter was posted on Reddit by user Dr_Martin_V_Nostrand. In the comments, the user said he told his student to consider a career as a satirical writer. The teacher also revealed that he is the student’s math teacher and decided to make his students write cover letters and resumes since they are about to graduate.

Speaking about the assignment, he wrote, “It was 100% for comedic effect. This kid never puts effort into anything unless he can be funny.”

However, other Reddit users were quick to praise the kid for being “realistic” in today’s job market.

“It’s not about the aspirations. Seems to me like he’s clever. He knows that’s the only realistic way in. However, once he’s in, he. (sic) could move up,” one user wrote.

“In a few weeks, we will see a post about how the Cowboys offer this kid a position,” another said.

Even still, being an NFL water boy isn’t a bad gig. According to, the average salary of an NFL water boy is a cozy $53,000 per year.

This kid is definitely going places, that’s for sure. Read the full letter below.

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur


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