This Rescue Crew Went Above and Beyond to Save a Cat Stuck in a Drain


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Thanks to a few Florida firefighters, one black kitten is alive and well.

When the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue team received a call about an injured black kitten, they immediately rushed to the scene. However, by the time they arrived, the little kitten had made its way into a drain on the road.

The rescue workers from the Tactical Rescue Team quickly went to work, but the kitten was deep in the drain. They tried to cut through the road and even flushed some water down the drain hoping to get the kitten out. The little kitty was scared and not budging from her spot.

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

Luckily, the rescue team was able to get the cat out with a net. The full process to save the cat took over an hour.

“The kitten couldn’t outsmart the the Technical Rescue Team,” Mike Jachles, a spokesman for Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, told the Miami Herald.

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

Once the kitten was back on dry land, it was treated for injuries at a local shelter nearby.

Hopefully, this adorable kitten has learned its lesson and will remain on dry land!

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