Teen Gets Way More Than He Bargained for After Offering to Help Carry Grocery Bags


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Source: YouTube Chauncys Chance

Source: YouTube Chauncys Chance

Thanks to a simple act of kindness, one teenager is getting a vast improvement in his life.

16-year-old Chauncy Black met Matt White outside of a grocery store where Black was hoping to get some food in exchange for carrying some groceries.


“This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times,” White wrote in a Facebook post. “I asked him if he was by himself and he said that he had come all the way out here with the hopes of someone buying him something to eat because he and his mother had nothing at home.”

White proceeded to buy the struggling teen a cart full of groceries and gave him a ride home. It was when he dropped Black off that White realized the teen was not exaggerating about have nothing. The mother and son were living without a refrigerator, any furniture, and barely any food. Both of them also slept on the floor.

Black, who is a straight-A student, has been on the look out for a way to help his mother pay the rent and buy food. Luckily, White’s Facebook post went viral causing a GoFundMe campaign to start, which has already raised over $277,000 (at the time of publication) for the mother and son. Along with the GoFundMe page, White posted a video to YouTube with Black explaining his current situation, hoping to help his cause.

According to Insider, White was hoping to raise enough money to get the teenager “an ID and a lawnmower so he could apply for jobs and cut grass to earn money.”

The campaign took off with neighbors already donating loads of clothes, furniture, and other household items. The money and outpouring of support has led to the family already transitioning to a new home. Black also got a lawnmower and has started working to earn money on his own.

“I cannot explain what is happening. It’s beyond words,” White shared in the latest update about Black. “I didn’t know this much love could exist in one place, be aimed in one direction, but seen and felt and empowered by so many people.”

See more about Black and his situation below and check out his GoFundMe page here.


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