Guilt-Stricken Robber Returns Stolen Christmas Lights After Video of Theft Posted on Facebook


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Perhaps he was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future… or maybe he just got spooked after the video of his theft was posted on Facebook?


As a Staten Island family slept Saturday night, a brazen thief stole two large Christmas lights off of their lawn. What the would-be Scrooge didn’t know was that his crime had been captured on the homeowner’s surveillance system. The video was shared by Community Education Council 31 President Mike Reilly.

“There is no fun in being the grinch, you’re going to ruin someone’s holiday,” Reilly told New York television station WNBC.

The video was viewed over 100,000 times within hours, drawing scorn from many.

By Tuesday, the thief had his change of heart. The lights, or similar models, were returned to the family along with a handwritten note apologizing for the crime.

The note read in part, “I want to humbly apologize for stealing your lights. I am not that person you see on the video, I was not thinking when I did it. I hope you have a nice holiday.”

Source: Michael Reilly Facebook

Source: Michael Reilly Facebook

The thief also claims that it was the only time he’s ever done something like this. However, some doubt has been cast on this claim due to the fact that decorations from another nearby house were also taken. Reilly took to Facebook again to cast doubt on the sincerity of the note.

“He returned 2 lights to the homeowner but 1 was not their light. So it wasn’t his first time…..which is what most of us knew anyway,” Reilly posted on Wednesday night.

Last year, the borough was hit with a wave of decoration and package thefts during the holiday season.


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