Adorable Toddler Teaches Herself How to Eat. Did We Mention She Has No Arms?


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Source: Elmira Knuten/Facebook

Elmira Knutzen, mother to little Vasilina, decided like many parents to record her daughter eating. The difference here is that Vasilina was born without arms, and the video documents the child’s flexibility and amazing ingenuity as she finds a way to feed herself.

“For Vasilina’s fans” is the caption Knutzen gave the video, posted to Facebook on October 12.


The video starts off with Vasilina, fork tucked between her toes, lifting her leg up to try and reach her mouth. She opens wide, but can’t reach her mouth to gobble up the piece of potato at the end of the fork. She lowers her leg and, with a smirk, as if to say “I got this,” rearranges the fork so that instead of lifting her leg up, she just has to reach toward her foot. Her mom giggles in admiration as the little girl figures it out all on her own.

Since its posting, Vasilina has received 64 million views, with another near-1.4 million shares, and it is well deserved

As innocently adorable as this video is, it also serves as a source of inspiration: anything is possible, as long as you give it your best shot.


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