Touching Photo Is Reminder of the Family Sacrifices All Parents Make


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Source: Love What Matters

Source: Love What Matters

Sometimes all it takes to remind us of what we have is a simple moment. Take wife and mother Katie Spence Pugh. Pugh was tired and fed up with having to take care of the kids all day while her husband was working. She penned a viral post to Facebook page Love What Matters about her experience saying she sent her husband a text and told him she was sick of it.

“The full time job, cooking dinner, bathing kids, weekend trips without him, keeping up a home, you name it I was resenting it,” she wrote.


However, after he came home that day, something happened that she didn’t expect.

“He came in, fixed his plate and sat down to eat all alone. He was tired. He was hot. He was exhausted. Rather than complain, he said he was sorry I was tired and felt that way. Charlotte joined him and talked his head off and even ate most of his dinner. He didn’t complain.”

That’s when she snapped the photo. She goes on to explain that she suddenly felt an overwhelming appreciation for everything her husband does.

“Do I wish that we saw him more than an hour or so a day? Yes. But, the love he has for his craft is something to envy,” she wrote. “So while I felt frustrated, I really should have felt thankful. I got to sit down to dinner and hear all the stories from the day with the kids. I got to give them a bath and hear their squeals and giggles. I got to snuggle and love on them for 3 hours more than he did. He is the one sacrificing, not me.”

Pugh found a new kind of respect and appreciation for both her husband and her family. As most working parents know, it’s tough to “have it all.” But those little moments that are shared with each other can be everything.

She continues: “We will keep on keeping on until the next rainy day when we get a few extra hours with our hard worker. In the meantime, the next time you slip into that comfy cotton shirt or eat delicious farm fresh food, thank a farmer. Where would we be without them?”



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