‘The Twilght Zone’ Is Getting a Reboot and You Get to Choose What Happens Next


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Source: Hulu.com

Source: Hulu.com

Prepare to cross into The Twilight Zone again, but in a way you’ve never seen before.

The iconic 1960s sci-fi anthology TV show is getting a much anticipated reboot by CBS and Interlude, an interactive video company. Only, this isn’t The Twilight Zone you remember. This is something bound to be much better.


The Twilight Zone gained notoriety for exploring themes such as racism, politics, and society, in the 60s that most television wouldn’t touch. Each episode would begin with a seemingly normal environment, only to find out that something completely backwards was taking place. The bizarre stories were known for their clever plot twists.

Now, you’ll be able to experience The Twilight Zone in a revolutionary new way.

Interlude specializes in making videos that are like choose-your-own-adventure games. With The Twilight Zone, viewers will get to be part of the story, directing where the story goes next.

According to The Wrap, the viewer will get to ‘change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels,” and can also come back to the same story again and again, changing the choices he or she makes for a different experience each time.

The Wrap also reports that Ken Levine, creator of the popular video game “BioShock,” will write and direct the pilot episode.

The show has seen revivals before, but they were never as successful as the original. Perhaps bringing the show into the digital age is the revival this show needs.


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