Unsuspecting Shoppers Show the True Meaning of Christmas by Giving Instead of Receiving


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Credit: YouTube/Christmas24

When a giant present-shaped kiosk popped up in Birmingham, England’s Grand Central Shopping Center, inquiring consumers unknowingly entered a social experiment and rediscovered the true meaning of Christmas.

The kiosk is topped with a sign that says, “Free Presents,” and has a phone on the front. As the phone rings, curious shoppers hesitate to pick up the receiver, but when they do, they are greeted with a familiar voice: Santa Claus.


The voice gives the shoppers a jolly “Merry Christmas,” and then asks them if they want a present. Of course, each person says they do and a wrapped gift drops down in front of them. But the twist is that the present isn’t for the person on the phone.

Santa tells each person to seek out someone in the crowd and give the present to them, a reminder that at the holidays, giving is the true spirit of the season.

“Presents are for giving, not receiving, wouldn’t you agree?” asks Santa.

Watch the heartwarming reactions below:

The video was brought to you NBCUniversal’s Christmas24 channel, which plays Christmas themed programs 24/7 during the holidays. The network has launched a social media campaign, #ChristmasAsItShouldBe, to help spread the message of giving this holiday season.


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