Video of Animal Shelter Staffer Comforting Dog Will Melt Your Heart


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Source: Facebook/Conway Humane Society

Source: Facebook/Conway Humane Society

Not many people realize, but it can be a traumatic experience for an animal to get spayed or neutered, especially for a stray that has no idea where it is or how it got there.

Prissy, the 4-year-old hound mix who was abandoned and left in a junkyard with her three puppies, was having a hard time after her surgery.


Virginia Moore, the executive director of the Conway Area Humane Society, told ABC News, that kennel supervisor Chrissy Ireland didn’t want the dog to wake up alone, so she hopped in the kennel and lay down beside her, petting her head as she woke up.

What Ireland didn’t expect was for her co-worker to appear behind her, recording the touching moment.

“I thought I would sneak a video of her (Prissy) wagging her tail in her sleep,” the video begins, “instead, I caught this.”

The video shows the moment Prissy wakes up and seems to be instantly comforted by Ireland’s presence.

Of her decision to go and comfort Prissy, Ireland told ABC, “I saw [Prissy] and she was all shaky and she didn’t feel good. It made me feel so sad for her. So I just found myself laying on the floor with her and kissing her and loving her.”

“Coming out of anesthesia and you’re behind walls and you’re behind a gate; it’s just scary,” she added.

The video has been viewed over 86,000 times, as of press time.

Now, Ireland says she just hopes Prissy will get adopted.

“I would love to see her go with kids so she can be outside playing in a yard and having a good time,” she said.


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