Video of Moose Playing With Wind Chimes Goes Viral


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Source: Facebook/AMHQ

Source: Facebook/AMHQ

Someone give this moose a record deal.

A musical moose is making waves on the internet after he was recorded playing with wind chimes on the porch of a cabin in Alaska.


Britta Schroeder caught the moose on tape in her cabin near Denali National Park and Preserve.

According to ABC News, Schroeder heard the chimes around 10:30 p.m., which was strange because she said it didn’t look windy.

The chimes continued for a few more minutes when she then heard a thump on her porch.

“My dogs’ ears perked up,” she said, according to ABC. “I knew it was going to be an animal.”

But she probably didn’t expect a moose.

She saw the moose in all its musical glory playing with the chimes. She was able to capture the rare moment with her cell phone by opening her door just a tad so the dogs wouldn’t get out.

Schroeder said she thinks this moose is one of the calves that was hanging around her cabin with its mother the summer before.

However, the moose clearly doesn’t know how to be gentle enough to play the chimes. According to ABC, she thinks the moose left after it broke the base of the chimes in half.

Perhaps we should get it some larger, more sturdy chimes and host a concert.


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