Vietnam Vet Reunited With Beloved Dogs Thanks to Strangers’ Generosity


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Source: Facebook/Lindsay Marie

Source: Facebook/Lindsay Marie

The story of a veteran and his dogs is lifting spirits this holiday season as a heartwarming video of their reunion is being shared wide across social media.

A Vietnam veteran, identified only as James, was separated from his dogs for three months after he suffered a major heart attack. According to a video uploaded on December 19 to YouTube, user Lynzee Carrothers explains that back in September James’ dogs Baily and Blaze were taken to a local shelter for the standard five-day holding period. However, James was not doing well and it didn’t look like he would make it.


The shelter sterilized the dogs and put them up for adoption.

But nobody wanted them and their owner, struggling but slowly recovering, was calling constantly and reassuring the shelter he was coming to get them back. But with hospital bills mounting, James was having difficulty raising the full $250 he needed to adopt the dogs.

Then last week, after two months away from his beloved dogs, James made a stop at the shelter to put down a $40 deposit for the adoption and to see the dogs. The dogs were ecstatic, climbing all over James and licking him.

Kennel Tech Melissa Eagle watched the scene and knew she needed to do something.

Eagle contacted volunteers of her local event staff and asked if they would like to chip in $5-10 to help James get his dogs back. One member agreed to pay the entire adoption fee herself. The others started to purchase and donate dog food, toys, gift cards, treats, and more.

The workers at FSAC PetSmart then contacted James and told him to come down to the store to begin to fill out the adoption papers. When he got there, he was given his $40 deposit back and told everything was taken care of. Blaze and Baily would be going home with him that day.

Watch the touching video below as James goes from confusion and fear that he couldn’t get the dogs back, to tears of joy when he realizes what is happening. Just try not to cry yourself.

If you’d like to help James out, visit this GoFundMe page to help him cover his hospital bills.


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