Viral Video Shows Man Using Drone to Catch His Wife of 18 Years Cheating


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Source: YouTube/YAOG

Source: YouTube/YAOG

“There he is. There’s the guy, f**king a**hole, that my wife is cheating on me with.”

A man caught his wife, who he married 18 years ago and is the mother of his children, in the process of cheating on him and recorded the meet up with a flying drone.

YouTuber YAOG got a call tipping him off that something uncool was going on with his wife, which lined up with her getting called in to work early many times over the past couple of weeks. And after a couple unlucky attempts to follow her in person, he solved the mystery with his trusty drone.

The video, which was uploaded yesterday, is on the cusp of reaching a million views and features a play-by-play commentary by YAOG over the footage of his cheating wife caught in the act of meeting up with the unidentified man in a CVS parking lot just a few blocks from their home. (Warning: Graphic Language)

Following the massive attention the video garnered, YAOG responded to the haters writing, “It’s okay if you don’t believe it, I am skeptical of literally everything I see on the internet.”

However, he assures this was real and even mentioned uploading a confrontation video in the coming days.

“I was going to to take the high road but f**k that,” he wrote, mentioning there is plenty of yelling and crying (her, not him) during the confrontation. “If you thought I flew off the handle in this video…well…I wasn’t about to let her get away with making me feel bad by crying.”

Additionally, YAOG brought up that he is in contact with his lawyer and not only wants to move forward but keep his kids out of the spotlight which their shameful mother is currently in.

Are you eager to check out this follow-up video? Because we sure are. Good luck, YAOG!


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