This Wasn’t in the Manual: 6-Foot Snake Crawls Out of Man’s Hood on the Highway


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Imagine you are cruising around in your car one fine day. The sun is shining, there is no traffic, and you’ve got a full tank of gas and the open road ahead of you.

And then the Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets nonchalantly crawls out of the hood of your car.

Such was the case for Tim Mokwa, a Floridian who was driving down the highway this past Monday when the reptile decided to pop its head out of his hood and say hello. The snake, probably realizing where it was, nearly slithered its way into the car with Mokwa.

“He just popped his little head up right over here,” Tim Mokwa told WTSP-TV in Tampa. “My windows were down, and he did almost get inside the window.” Mokwa was able to roll his windows up and pull into a Walmart parking lot, where he watched the six-foot-long snake from the friendly confines of his vehicle:

“He’s still under my hood, or in the Walmart grocery on Main Street and Belchers parking lot,” Mokwa wrote on his Facebook. Ever since the video has gone viral, Mokwa has done interviews, retelling his reaction to the sneaky serpent situation:

Eventually, we hope to hear the snake’s side of the story too – you don’t just hitchhike under a moving car’s hood without a reason!


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