Watch This Adorable Puppy Get Incredibly Confused by Not One, but Two Mirrors


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When you’re a puppy, learning the ways of the world can sometimes be difficult. This pupper’s learning curve is doubly hard.

Owners of a cute collie puppy discovered their new dog wasn’t quite getting the concept of the mirrors in their bedroom. Every time the pup saw his reflection, he seems to literally be taken aback. Curious of who the other dog may be, the collie comes sniffing around, but can never really find out who this “stranger” is.

“Oh my gosh, there’s two of them,” said the dog’s owner in the video. “They’re everywhere!”

“As soon as she sees herself, she backs away,” commented the woman.

It’s alright little puppy. We’d rather you never figure out it’s just your reflection as long as we keep getting adorable videos to share.


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