Watch This Cop Free a Scared, Trapped Deer Stuck in a Fence


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While on patrol, a Rapid City, SD police officer responded to a call to find a deer down on his luck and helped the little fella out.


On November 3, Senior Police Officer Rich Holt from the Rapid City Police Department got a report to help out on the Anamosa Street bridge and it was a trapped animal that required his assistance.

“As a police officer you never know what situations the community will call upon you to help with,” said Officer Hold on the Rapid City Police Department Facebook. “It isn’t always your responsibility, but when no one else is available, you do what needs to be done.”

The deer was terrified, but Holt was able to reduce its stress by covering it with a blanket and just a few pushes later the fawn was on its way, hopefully not to get stuck in another fence.


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