Watch: Tour Boat in Australia Saves Drowning Wallaby After Dog Chased It to Water


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In Australia, a wallaby was found floating in the ocean by a boat tour guide who proceeded to scoop it up onto the boat and drop it off on land, with footage capturing the entire adventure.

Jamie Earley, a 10-year-veteran boat tour guide for GC JetBoating, was taking a group of tourists out for a ride when he noticed a wallaby, cousin of the kangaroo, struggling to stay afloat.

Apparently the poor little fella was chased into the water by a dog.

Earley lent the macropod a helping hand, returning the animal back to its home on land.

“It didn’t like to be picked up at the start but it got a little bit tired and finally allowed me to pick it up and place it in the boat and it just sat there,” Earley told 7 News Brisbane.

And before land ho, the boat driver helped himself to a fantastic selfie.

Source: Facebook/GC JetBoating

Source: Facebook/GC JetBoating

That Wallaby sure does look exhausted… or stoned.


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