Watch Woman Use Scrabble Game to Announce Pregnancy to Air Force Husband


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Source: Love What Matters Facebook

Source: Love What Matters/Facebook

In recent years, pregnancy announcements have become more ornate than ever before. Thanks to social media, they’ve become shared, videoed, and sometimes overblown events where someone is surprised by the happy news. A recent announcement video may look the same on the surface, but the backstory behind it puts this proposal in a class by itself.

The engaged couple, Bianca and Air Force member Erik Blanco, were separated by 2,000 miles at the time of the announcement due to the latter’s military duties. When Bianca learned she was pregnant, she didn’t wait 5 weeks for her fiancé to return home. Instead she constructed an elaborate way to tell him.


As seen in the above video, Bianca sent Erik a package containing an “engagement game” of Scrabble with instructions to film himself while playing.

Initially, Frank seems a bit reluctant to play the game, saying to the camera “I have no idea what this is! I’m actually kind of nervous… but she was so excited about it!”

Over the course of the video clip, Erik is seen slowly putting the clues together while earlier-recorded excited commentary from Bianca appears. “He has no idea I’m pregnant. Little does he know! He’s gonna (sic) find out we’re gonna (sic) have a baby!”

Once Erik pieces everything together, he reacts with unbridled emotion, telling the camera that he’s about to call his wife before turning it off.

Source: Erik Blanco

Source: Erik Blanco/Facebook

The events of the video occurred in January, and was initially shared by Love What Matters. On the post, Erik Blanco shared a photo of the couple’s newborn baby, Nyah Blanco.


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