Wendy’s Shut Down Burger King With One Epic Tweet After Twitter Feud


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Source: Twitter @Wendys

Source: Twitter @Wendys

While much of the country was reeling from a monster winter storm this weekend, Burger King and Wendy’s got into an unexpected Twitter beef causing a major uproar in the fast food community.

Both fast food joints have busy profiles on social media. They dish out solid words of encouragement and strong life advice.

The burger chains are both on top when it comes to their emoji game.

Both accounts are pretty funny to follow.

But over the weekend, Wendy’s was able to shake things up in the whole fast food world with just one promotional tweet for its “4 for $4″ meal.

Burger King quickly shot back a friendly subtweet explaining, “5 is better than 4.”

Wendy’s immediately took things to the next level with this clapback leaving Burger King burnt to a crisp.

And with that one tweet, Wendy’s won the great fast food battle of 2016.



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