Woman Crawls Into Storm Drain to Save Abandoned Kitten


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Source: Facebook/Horse Addicted

Source: Facebook/Horse Addicted

A heartwarming story posted to Facebook is causing an outpouring of support praising a young woman for her courageous act to save a stranded animal.

In a post on Horse Addicted, a young woman is seen kneeling down and crawling into a storm drain on the side of the road. The young woman and her friend filming are not speaking at first, but the meowing of a kitten can be heard. The girl’s talk back and forth and the tiniest “Meow” is heard from the drain just before the woman inside lifts up a calico-colored kitten.


The frightened animal is held by the two girls, but has stopped crying as the brave girl emerges from the drain. The girl holding the camera lets out an adoring, “Ohhhhh!” when she sees the kitten.

The moderators at Horse Addicted who posted the video, said, “I love this girl do you? [sic]“.

Comments poured in from fans of the page.

“Oh yes, I love this girl too!!”

“Amazing. Why can’t everyone be like her.”

“What a beautiful human being. Wow. [Should] be rewarded for her kindness.”

And we have to agree. Such a great scene.

i love this girl do you ?

Posted by Horse Addicted on Sunday, January 3, 2016


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