13-Year-Old Creates Powerful Anti-Cyber Bullying Video


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Source: YouTube/Luke Calhane

Source: YouTube/Luke Calhane

One student from Limerick, Ireland, is tackling cyber bullying head on. 13-year-old Luke Culhane decided enough is enough and created a powerful anti-cyber bullying video, “Cyber Bullying: Create No Hate.”

The video has now gone viral.


After being cyber bullied himself, Culhane decided to show what it really feels like when you’re harassed online. The video depicts Culhane doing normal things, but when he starts receiving hateful messages on his phone and laptop, physical injuries manifest on his body.

He told I Love Limerick, “I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be physical bullying to hurt someone so that’s why I showed the likeness between the two types of bullying.”

The video came out as a part of Safer Internet Day, which is an “EU wide initiative to promote a safer Internet for all users.”

To go along with the video, Culhane also created the hashtag #CreateNoHate for the initiative.

BullyingStatistics.org reports that one in three young people have experienced cyber threats online. A 2014 study reported that 95 percent of teens who witnessed cyber bullying online ignored it.

Culhane hopes the video will educate young people to help stop once and for all this unnecessary behavior.


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