Watch the Adorable Reaction a Big Dog Has While Meeting Baby Kitten Sister


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We have an addition to the seemingly endless (thank goodness) collection of adorable puppy and kitten videos on the internet.

Our protagonist: Molly, canine matriarch, new big sister, and verified cutie. Molly is living her best life, planted on her owner’s bed, tail wagging furiously.

“Molly, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

Who is it?!

It — or “she,” rather — is a teeny-tiny kitten! Molly is absolutely bewildered at first. The kitten squeaks and Molly jumps around frantically. Is she excited? Afraid? Confused? Unclear. But we love it.

There is a happy ending — Molly quickly warms up to her new playmate. She licks the little kitten and lets her rest between her paws. This dynamic duo will be the best of friends in no time!

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