Too Cute — Video of Kitten Who Can’t Reach His Toy, Big Sis Comes to Help


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Family members: you love them, you hate them, but regardless, they’re here to stay. Meet kitten Orange, and his big sister Q. That’s really all of the character development that this story needs. Naturally, cute-ness ensues.


Little Orange is struggling to reach a toy that is far too high for him to reach. A for effort though — you really tried, buddy. He begins to meow in frustration (can meows signal frustration?). Enter our heroine: Q, the orange and white cat. Classy name, by the way. Q really comes to the rescue. Girlfriend scales the wall and grabs her little brother’s toy for him. She even hands (well, paws?) it right to him! This is so cute, and we love it. Stay golden, Orange and Q.

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