8 Awesome Ideas to Inspire Your Next Garden Container Pot


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Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Growing your garden is only half the story. How we present the plants and decorate our home with them really puts all that hard work in the spotlight. But using the same old, boring store-bought container planters is starting to lose its luster. You’ve been doing it for years and virtually every house on the block has similar ones.

Well, we’re here to provide some inspiration for your next plant container. These items (or something similar) might be sitting around your house and garage, or may be available cheap at a local yard sale or antique shop.


Wherever you get them from, here are some quick tips that’ll leave your neighbor’s garden decorations in the dust!

Old Galvanized Tool Box Turned Floral Display

An old chest or toll box can really provide a rustic look to add into your home decor.

Create Your Own Floral “Bird’s Nest”

This elevated “bird’s nest” will take a little planning, but the end result sure is stunning!

Repurpose an Old Pallet

Old wooden pallets are generally easy to come by and the end result can really add a one-of-a-kind piece to your garden.

Hollowed-Out Birdhouses

These matching birdhouses are the perfect way to add some green – and some feathery friends – to your garden.

Wheelbarrow Planter

This Christmas Tree container planter looks stunning on a winter’s evening, but you can customize it to any season, event, or holiday.

Tiny Teacup Pot

This miniature garden will be a major focal point at your next dinner party.

Seashell Container

Super simple way to take any normal clay pot and give it a great ocean vibe.

Peach Baskets

So simple it hurts that we didn’t think of this before. Reuse your farmer’s market carriers as gorgeous planters.


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