This Baby Enjoys the Simple Things in Life, Like Laughing Hysterically at Paper


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Source: AOL

A lot of people can certainly use a good laugh right about now. And what better way to ignite the giggles than to be faced with the funniest stuff on earth: paper! Okay, so maybe paper isn’t that hilarious, but if you’re little baby Dexter from Wolverhampton, U.K., you can’t get enough of it!

The young fellow in question seems to have taken an affinity to a simple piece of paper, finding the humor in it that not many people would. Maybe it’s the simplicity compared to all the technological advancements of today’s world. Or maybe it has something to do with the flapping noise. We may never know!


Dexter is presented with a piece of paper before him, and the woman holding the paper begins to flap it back and forth, and the little dude loses it, exploding in raucous laughter. The moment she stops, he stops.

The moment she starts again, there goes Dexter, laughing hysterically. It even gets to the point where the adults around him join in on the laughter.

Salute to you, Dex, for finding joy in the simple things. Even a piece of paper.


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