Photo of Eagle on Fort Snelling Gravestone Touches Hearts, & Goes Viral


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An amateur photographer snapped this image of a bald eagle sitting on a soldier’s tombstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, and the photo is going viral this Memorial Day!

The photo was taken by Frank Glick who was heading to work when he saw an eagle perched on a tombstone as he was driving past the cemetery.


An friend saw this powerful image he had snapped, and suggested that Glick see if the deceased soldier had any living relatives who might want a copy.  It turned out that the solider’s, named Maurice Ruch, widow was in fact alive and well and she was touched to receive a copy of the photo showing an eagle watching over her beloved husband.

Mr. Glick has been inundated with requests for the image from people all around the world, including the U.S. military which has used the image in several publications.  “It’s been pretty hard to keep up with this stuff,” Glick said, “It’s pretty amazing what’s going on.”

What a wonderful, touching photo – and one that is poignant on this Memorial Day.



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