Bose Introduces Stove, Pans That Won’t Burn Skin


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Source: CNET

Source: CNET

Hi-tech headphone maker, Bose, is stepping away from your eardrums and focusing on your hands. No, it’s not some new listening device that fits on your finger, but something families all over can appreciate.

For 10 years, Bose has been secretly working on household stoves. While the marketplace might be saturated with appliances from plenty of other manufacturers, Bose’s new technology might be a total game-changer for stovetops.


“For 10 years we’ve been working on a cooking system that overcomes some of the most fundamental problems in home cooking,” says Bose senior research engineer, Ken Jacob, as he pours several cups of water into a pan in front of writers for CNET.

That problem, according to Jacob, is burns.

Each year in the U.S., thousands of people suffer severe burns while cooking. The technology Bose is using in its stovetop and pans can reduce that number to zero.

“I’m going to ask you to do something that you would never ever do with a regular pan filled with boiling water,” Jacob says as the water now boils in the pan. “I want you to put your hand underneath this pan and hold it.”

The terrified journalist steps forward and tentatively places his hands underneath. Nothing. No heat; no burns. The pan is cool to touch on the outside with boiling water on the inside. Even the stovetop surface is safe to touch where just seconds before the boiling pan was placed.

The technology is induction heating, where it focuses all the energy needed to heat the water to a boil on the inside of the pan, not on the outside or the stove.

At this time, it’s unclear when this heating system will be available for purchase, as Bose will not be manufacturing the stovetops themselves. CNET reports that Bose will be announcing their manufacturing partner in the coming months, but if this demonstration is any indicator, these new stovetops will sell…well, like hotcakes.


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