Boy Who Bought Police Subway Sandwich Lunch Gets Big Surprise


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Source: KTUV

Source: KTUV

A young boy who melted the nation’s collective heart through his generous act of buying his local police officers lunch recently got a surprise of his own.

The boy, 5-year-old William Evertz Jr., wanted to do something kind for the officers of the Winslow Police Department after he saw a video about the act of donating. Evertz Jr. saved his allowance money for seven months by helping his mom feed their ducks and chickens and eventually bought the entire department all Subway sandwiches.


Needless to say, the officers were more than pleased. They made him an honorary officer for the day and gave him a ride in a police car with the lights and sirens turned on.

“We need good police officers like you,” police chief George Smith said. “I can’t wait until you’re old enough so we can hire you.”

However, the officers didn’t want to stop there.

In a moving video, the officers brought Evertz Jr. to a police truck where he opens the back doors and finds his own mini police cruiser.

Evertz Jr. may be small, but he fits perfectly in his new ride!

It’s worth noting that Evertz Jr. was originally saving up for a mini cruiser of his own, but opted to buy officers lunch instead. It looks like everything worked out in the end!


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