How a Boy With Down Syndrome Asked His Girlfriend to Homecoming May Make You Cry


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Source: Tom Martin

Source: Tom Martin

Your relationship goals are no match for this future homecoming king and queen couple

Jake, who has Down Syndrome, had an important question to ask his girlfriend Emily and, with the entire school as an audience, the wonderful moment was captured on video.

The video starts off with Jake walking into his school’s cafeteria which is filled with dozens of people. He’s carrying a cookie cake that reads, “Emily will you go to homecoming with me?” with candles atop and some balloons in his back pocket.

He approaches the table where Emily, whom shares the same special needs program with him at their high school, sits and he slides the cake onto the table, making her freak out in happiness. She screams “Yes!” and starts crying. Behind and all around her, fellow peers are jumping out of their seats in joy.

“Yay!” shouts Jake, while his girlfriend continues to cry in shock and joy.

(Jake even daps to the sounds of people cheering him on!)

Emily finally calms down and gets up to reach Jake. The two embrace and hug each other in the most heartwarming way possible.

Jake turns to the camera and smiles, getting one last, “Good job,” and a high five.

“My wife and I don’t know what we’d do without him,” Jake’s dad told the Love What Matters page. “He’s taught us a lot about how to act towards people.”

Watch the beautiful moment which may will make you bawl.



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