This Teen and Her Dog Showed up in Matching Outfits for the Prom and Stole the Show


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This little dog is ready for the big dance! 18-year-old Brenda Sierra went the extra mile this prom season and created a matching dress for her little dog, Sasha. The duo stole the show with their matching gowns and quickly went viral for their creative prom pictures. “I’m a really big pet lover,” Brenda Sierra told Inside Edition. “I try to share every moment with her so I wanted to bring her with me to take pictures for prom. I wanted her to get dressed up and I had the extra fabric, so I made the dress for her.” The whole outfit took Sierra about two hours to create. She used the extra fabric from her dress and a hot glue gun to make the tiny creation. Sasha conducted a few fittings to make sure it was the perfect fit.

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I had to keep taking it on and off of her,” Brenda Sierra told BuzzFeed News. “She was really obedient.” When the big day came, Sierra took pictures with her date, Rodney Sesler, and Sasha in full matching outfits. Everyone really enjoyed taking pictures together, especially Sasha. “She was really happy with everyone,” Brenda Sierra said to BuzzFeed News. “She was running around in the dress.” Sierra posted the pictures online and they immediately went viral. “During prom, everyone had already seen the pictures,” Brenda Sierra told Inside Edition. “My Twitter was blowing up during prom, and then my mom would FaceTime me and put Sasha on the phone and I’m like, ‘Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m at prom.’” Sierra did not expect the pictures to go viral when she posted them online. “I wasn’t expecting my prom pictures to go viral, but it’s an awesome feeling,” Brenda Sierra wrote to Your Daily Dish. “I’ve received a lot of comments expressing their love for my idea and that they either wish they did that or are planning on doing it — which is awesome!” Fashion is a passion for the 18-year-old and she hopes to become a fashion designer when she is older. “I’m interested in becoming a fashion designer and I look up to Antonio Rubio, a famous designer for pets, so some of my inspiration came from that,” Brenda Sierra told Your Daily Dish. It looks like Sierra is planning on including Sasha in her graduation ceremony as well. The teen is planning on making a small cap and gown for the pup to help celebrate the occasion!
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