Bride Makes the Best Out of a Bad Situation With Hilarious Photos After Husband Misses Honeymoon


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Source: Huma Mobin

Source: Huma Mobin

Meet Huma Mobin, a bride who just took her honeymoon without her husband, Arsalaan Sever Bhatt.

After a visa mishap, Bhatt wasn’t able to join Mobin on their honeymoon. Luckily, Mobin found a silver lining and got some funny photos out of the unfortunate situation.


Mobin was able to tour Greece with her husband’s family. Thankfully, Mobin and her in-laws have a good relationship.

“I’m a very good example of a husband-ditcher,” Mobin shared in a Facebook Live video with Bhatt. According to Today, Bhatt “cried her eyes out the first night.”

She got the idea for the ironic photos from Kevin Blandford, who took similar photos while he was on vacation without his wife in 2015.

Mobin thought about staying behind, but her husband convinced her to go since the trip was already paid for.

“I would’ve loved to have seen Greece, but I can survive (without her) for 10 days,” Bhatt joked.

Fortunately, the couple had a chance to take a honeymoon trip together to the Maldives after their wedding last December. Hopefully, those pictures look a litter happier!

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