Chow Down on These Biodegradable Cups After You Drink


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Source: Loliware

Source: Loliware

The days of costly paper cups and plastic red Solo Cups may be coming to an end. Imagine a cup that after you drink, instead of tossing it in the trash where it may sit in a landfill for years, you eat the cup!

Introducing Loliware, a line of biodegradable and edible drinking cups made from seaweed and organic sweeteners. From Loliware’s website:


“Loliware is the first and only edible disposable cup that provides a completely new drinking and eating experience. 100% plastic-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, all natural, non-toxic, safe, and FDA approved, Loliware cups are made from a biodegr(edible) material so natural you can eat it. Currently, our Loliware collection is available in Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and an unflavored “natural clear.”

According to the website, the cups can be used to serve beverages at room temperature, chilled, or with frozen drinks and desserts.


Source: Loliware

The company hopes Loliware cups are a hit with eco-friendly-minded consumers and the first product in a full line of 100 percent biodegradable tableware.

“The future of biodegr(edible) includes cups in a variety of sizes, straws, functional food additions, and even edible water bottles,” the company states on its website.

While the website does not mention using Loliware for hot beverages, Americans on average consume an estimated 23 billion paper coffee cups per year, according to the paper industry. estimates the average worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year and Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.

Loliware looks to put a dent in those huge numbers with their Earth-conscience products that may help bring a brighter future for all of us.

Black and white milkshakes have never bean better with LOLIWARE’S vanilla bean cup!

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