Columbus Zoo Shares Incredibly Cute Pictures of 3-Month-Old Polar Bear Cubs


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The Columbus Zoo has just shared some photos of their new polar bear twins and they are beary cute!


The twin polar bears were born this past November. It was the third time their mother, Aurora, had given birth to twins. The Columbus Zoo released the first official pictures of the cubs this past week showing them wrestling and cuddling.
It doesn’t get much cuter than this.
The cubs are slowly being introduced into the outside world. They have spent their days exploring sand, sod, and playing in the water. According to the zoo, “they are now eating chow and will sneak a little bit of meat from mom when they get the opportunity!” Aurora’s 9-year-old twin sister, Anana, gave birth to twin polar bears around the same time. Only one of the cubs from the litter survived and is currently on a similar stage as the twins. Check out Anana and her 3-month-old cub in action below.
The sex of the twins will be revealed in the upcoming weeks after a visit to the vet. Both the twins and Aurora will be on display at the Columbus Zoo this spring.

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