Dad Swaps Faces With His Baby for Hilarious ‘Hungover Baby’ Video


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Photo Credit: Youtube

Photo Credit: Youtube

Looks like this baby “tied one on” last night.

After a night on the town, a hungover dad posted a video of him and his baby switching faces and the results are hilarious.



The video was created using the Face Swap Live app, which lets users switch faces with friends and family in real time. (The app is only available for iPhones.)

In the video, the baby complained and asked a number of questions including: “Whoever bought the shots, we’re not friends anymore;” “Please tell me I didn’t text anyone last night. Oh my god I sent a Snapchat;” and “Why didn’t someone take my phone away? I sent 47 texts last night!”

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where over 400,000 people have already viewed the hilarious video.

This isn’t the first funny video that the face-swapped baby starred in. Back in February, “Drunk Baby” made its debut on YouTube to equally hilarious results.

Don’t worry Drunk Baby, we can all relate!

Check out the original video below.


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