Deaf Mom Joins Dancer Son For Unforgettable Hip-Hop Routine


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Source: YouTube/Mark Villaver

Source: YouTube/Mark Villaver

Professional dancer Mark Villaver has been performing insane choreography on stage for years, even landing jobs with both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. So, it’s pretty clear he knows what he’s doing.

But a video uploaded to YouTube shows that maybe Villaver had a great teacher, despite the fact that that teacher is deaf and can’t hear the music.


After years of receiving praise for his amazing dance moves, Villaver decided his teacher needed to share some of the spotlight. And the amazing thing is, his teacher is deaf mother. Watch this  incredible video of Mark’s and his mother, Emilia Villaver Daquioag, dancing to Usher’s “She Came To Give It To You” will leave you cheering.

Amazing! Accordin to Villaver, the video was largely improv choreography they made up on the spot.

So how does Ms. Daquioag count steps when she can’t even hear the beat?

According to deaf dancer Mark Smith, many hearing impaired dancers perform barefoot in order to feel rhythms reverberating through the floor. While Gallaudet University says that many deaf dancers count visually, relying on hand gesture counts rather than verbal or audio cues.

For Daquioag, regardless of how she learned to dance so well, it was always just about her passion and overcoming obstacles.

“I’ve always looked up to my Dad and how he can dance. It’s really given me confidence.”

It just goes to show that physical limitations can often be overcome with the right mental attitude.


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