Framingham Police Department Honors 6-Year-Old Boy With Inoperable Cancer By Making Him a Police Officer For a Day


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Source: Framingham Police Department Facebook

Meet Devin Suau — the newest member of the Framingham Police Department.

Suau has always dreamed of being a police officer and the Framingham Police Department was able to make his wish come true. Suau suffers from a rare and inoperable form of cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. After being diagnosed, the 6-year-old found out that he only has anywhere from eight months to two years to live.


It means the world to us. Here’s a young man battling a terrible disease who has an interest in the police. If we can make his life better in any way, we will,” Framingham police Chief Ken Ferguson told the Boston Globe.

To start off his special day, Suau got a full police escort to the main station. After arriving, he was sworn in as the chief for the day by the local town clerk and he was given a special police badge.

I get to sit in the front!” Suau told People.

After being sworn in, Devin Suau got a tour of the police station and got the chance to meet with fellow police officers. The 6-year-old even got to make a few rules while in charge.

“No homework forever!” he told People. “For everyone!”

Suau’s three older brothers got to spend the day with him at the police station as well.

Suau’s family has been raising awareness about DIPG with the hashtag #WhyNotDevin on social media. The family hopes the campaign will help to support Suau on his journey.

They think it’s amazing, we think it’s amazing and we’re really grateful for the Framingham police and our community,” Suau’s momtold Boston television station WFXT.

The hashtag has been very successful and many people have spoken out about Suau and DIPG. Words of encouragement have come from the Harvard Hockey team, members of the military, and even Kim Kardashian.

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma affects about 200-300 children per year. Currently, there is no cure for DIPG. To find out more about #WhyNoteDevin, check out his GoFundMe page here.

See all the photos from Suau’s day at the police station below.

(H/T People)


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