Everything Changes in Disney/Pixar’s Heart-Stopping ‘Cars 3’ Teaser Trailer


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Disney/Pixar have released the debut teaser trailer for Cars 3, and it goes darker than the franchise has ever seen before.


The 40-second clip doesn’t feature any of the franchise’s familiar voice actors or light humor. It does feature lead character, professional race car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), racing around a NASCAR-like track, however things take a disturbing turn. Set only to the sounds of McQueen’s breathing and an announcer’s voice saying the character is “fading, fading fast,” McQueen loses control and flips on the race track in a harrowing accident. The teaser closes with the words, “From this moment, everything will change,” filling the screen.
The teaser’s tone is in line with information about the film released earlier this year. Director Brian Fee promised that the film will be more emotional than its predecessors, with a plot based around McQueen dealing with getting older and worrying that younger racers nipping at his proverbial heels.
Source: Disney-Pixar Youtube

Source: Disney-Pixar Youtube,

Cars 3 is scheduled for release on June 16, 2017. The Fee-directed film stars Wilson, as well as other returning stars Larry The Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, and Cheech Marin. Two major new characters will be introduced as well, though their voice actors have yet to be revealed.

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