The ‘Dogs in High School’ Twitter Account Is Everything


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Source: Instagram/Dogs in High School

Source: Instagram/Dogs in High School

Most likely, you were in high school once, and you probably remember the stereotypical people you’d always encounter. Every high school has them: the jocks, the preps, the teacher who thinks they’re also in high school, the overachievers, etc.

Well, picture those people you once knew, and now picture them as dogs. That’s the basis for the Twitter account Dogs in High School. The account hilariously takes photos of dogs and pins them as all the people you used to know in high school.


The result is nothing short of genius. Take a look:

The uptight art teacher

The dude bro

The basic b**ch

The introspective nerd

The drama queen

The OCD girl

The hip teacher

The substitute teacher who takes her job too seriously

The teacher who tries to be cool

The stoner

The goth girl

The best friends attached at the hip

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