Donald Trump Gets the ‘Game of Thrones’ Treatment in Parody Video ‘Winter is Trumping’


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Source: YouTube/Huw Parkinson

Forget about winter, Donald Trump is coming.

Thanks to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s politics show Insiders and Huw Parkinson, Donald Trump has been seamlessly added into some Game of Thrones clips, putting an even more brutal spin on the everyday life in Westeros. The video takes actual quotes Trump said either on the campaign trail or in debates and splices him into scenes from the hit HBO show.


The video begins as Trump is turning away Daenerys and her Dothraki followers from the city of Qarth, in a clip eerily reminiscent of Trump’s immigration policy.

“No, we have a serious problem with radicalism and we have a tremendous problem. We can’t be the stupid country anymore,” Trump tells a frustrated Daenerys.


Source: Giphy/ YouTube Huw Parkinson

Other scenes from the video show Trump making a reference that he will build a wall (playing off of “The Wall” in the show) to help control all of his land; other clips show him insulting Pope Francis when meeting with the Small Council, negotiating with Little Finger, and organizing for battle with Tyrion. The clips seem to align a little too perfectly with reality.

Is it possible that Trump is Joffrey’s long lost twin?

The video, posted on Saturday, already has half a million views. Check it out below!


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