Elderly White Man Pays for Black Man’s Groceries and Gives Him ‘Black Lives Matter’ Note


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Source: Sampson McCormick

Source: Sampson McCormick

One elderly man is showing the world what he really thinks about Black Lives Matter.

Comedian Sampson McCormick was at an Oakland grocery store when an elderly white man offered to pay for his food while he was checking out.


The man called himself “Mr. Samuel” and according to McCormick, Samuel came up to him while he was waiting to check out. Samuel said he was sorry for all of the racism and police brutality in the country lately and then offered to pay for his groceries and handed him the receipt. As he left, Samuel gave McCormick a fist bump and said “Black Lives Do Matter.”

McCormick shared with Inside Edition that the act of kindness allowed for “a great conversation in the parking lot” after he checked out.

“He made my day because he was so passionate,” McCormick shared. “It’s always refreshing and uplifting to know that there’s someone who doesn’t exactly walk in your shoes, but knows what’s going on.”

McCormick posted a picture about his experience on Facebook and it was quick to go viral with over 22,560 shares (at the time of press).

“Just a random moment of solidarity and love that made my day. Some white folks out here are ‘woke’ too,” McCormick wrote on Facebook.

Sometimes the simplest acts can prove we’re surrounded by people who care about us, even if they’re strangers.

See more about McCormick and his story below.


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