Family Recreates Oscar Best Picture Nominations in Very Adorable Photos


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Source: MAGGIE STORINO/ Warner Bros.

And the cutest award goes to…

For the past six years one family from Chicago has recreated the major Oscar nominated films in photos, putting their own take on awards season.


The Storino family’s Oscar journey started with the Tumblr, “Don’t Call Me Oscar,” where Maggie Storino and her daughters, Sophia, 5, and Sadie, 3, would dress up recreating the Oscar nominated films, but in a much cuter way. This year, a new member of the family, Sloane, who is eight-months-old, joined the cast.

Source: MAGGIE STORINO/ The Martian

According to Vanity Fair, recreating the scenes has become somewhat of a family tradition. “When it stops being fun, we’ll stop doing it. But the girls love dressing up, so it isn’t a struggle,” Storino shared. “This isn’t so different from our everyday routine except that the characters are more varied. Although if the Academy wanted to make my job easier, they could nominate more films with unicorns and mermaids.” However, there are some rules when bringing the pictures to life.

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“We don’t start until the nominees are announced, there are no re-shoots, and we’re done before lunch. The set up takes about a week for each picture and the photo lasts five minutes. It feels like a giant scavenger hunt where we search the neighborhood for props and scenery,” explained Storino. While recreating the photos may be challenging, it isn’t the hardest part.
Source: MAGGIE STORINO/ Appian Way

Source: MAGGIE STORINO/ Appian Way

“Sometimes it’s hard to explain​ what’s going on in a photo,” Storino shared. “Words can’t describe what Ryan Gosling is doing in that photo for The Big Short. So we went through the alphabet to find a sound that makes his expression. (For the record, it’s the letter ‘e.’) Sophia just said ‘eeeeeeeee’ for five minutes while Sadie played Jenga.” Check out the adorable photos here and make sure to follow them out on Instagram and Tumblr.
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