Fundraiser Started for Boston Police Officers Injured in Line of Duty


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A fundraiser has been started for two Boston Police Department officers who were shot and critically wounded while responding to a domestic disturbance call and their efforts and lives were supported immensely by the community they serve.

On October 12, officers Richard Cintolo and Matthew Morris were fired at by Kirk Figueroa, 33, armed with a tactical shotgun and wearing a ballistic vest.

Both officers were hit and their injuries were deadly. Figueroa was shot and killed by other officers on the scene.

Cintolo and Morris might have been killed on the scene as well if not for their fellow officers who preserved their lives before reaching Mass General Hospital. Specifically, Morris’ artery in his leg was severed but one officer tied a tourniquet around it to prevent substantial blood loss, the Associated Press reported.

And thankfully both survived.

Source: GoFundMe/Boston's Finest Fund

Source: GoFundMe/Boston’s Finest Fund

A fund, called Boston’s Finest Fund, was established on Go Fund Me by the Boston Police Relief Association (BPRA) to help the injured officers and their families pay for the recovery and rehabilitation of those involved in the incident.

“Both Officers have taken incredible steps in the right direction to recovery,” wrote Jimmy Coyne, BPRA’s president, on GoFundMe on October 25. “The road ahead will be long and this Fund will help these officers and their families.”

As of press time, about $40,000 of the $50,000 goal has been reached, and last Friday 100 people marched in the streets to support the officers, not to mention a mass that was held at a local church for the community to show their support for the two.


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