Get Inside Bernie Sanders’ Head with This Hilarious Twitter Parody Account


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Source: AP/Bernie Thoughts-Twitter

Source: AP/Bernie Thoughts-Twitter

Months ago, a little-known Senator from Vermont entered his name for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. After months of campaigning behind a consistently strong populist message, Bernie Sanders has now become a household name in politics, and may once again up-end the Democrat’s political establishment.

And like many of the hottest trending topics around the country and the world, a parody Twitter account has been set up that is taking us inside the head of the political upstart.


The account was launched by author and comedian, Spencer Madsen, who wrote the book, You Can Make Anything Sad, which the publisher’s site claims is “34 pages longer than Mira Gonzalez’s, making it a better deal, in terms of paper.”

From Fader: “Spencer Madsen is a writer who will, with equal enthusiasm, tweet a selfie of his butt and write the sincerest, saddest line of poetry you’ve ever read.”

Paper Mag said the book is “as frequently hilarious as it is devastating.”

With that in mind, stepping into the mind of Bernie Sanders offers some truly hilarious observations on life.

Take a look at some of Madsen’s best Sanders lines, like random thoughts in the midst of a Democratic debate:

There are important questions about food that need to be asked.

You can’t argue with this one.

Or this. Cats secretly hate us.

Seriously, how old is Bernie?

The Democratic senator has a lot of thoughts on cats.

Alright, he’s finally convinced me. He has my vote!


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