Get the Purr-fect Body With This Instructional Cat Exercise Video


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Source: Rumble/ShortyandKodi

Source: Rumble/ShortyandKodi

Motivating yourself to workout is sometimes difficult, especially after a full day of work. So instead of the gym, you decide to workout at home. For those who have pets you know that isn’t the easiest solution, but this viral video may be the answer to your health prayers.

A home workout is often difficult as your Fido or Mittens just wants your attention, especially when you lie on the floor, triggering “playtime” for your little floof. But the folks at ShortyandKodi are here to show you that instead of trying to distract or avoid your pet, make Mittens a part of your workout routine!


“It’s easy to exercise at home! Just grab any items laying around the house like soup cans, milk jugs or cats,” their instructional video begins.

The trainer suggests that cats can add resistance to your squats, can be used in a chest press or a bicep curl, and can rest on your back for extra weight while you do pushups.

“Want to get that purr-fect body but not sure where to start?” the video post on Rumble asks. “Shorty, Kodi and their owner show you how you can exercise at home with this easy tutorial. Docile cats not included. Results may vary, especially if the cats aren’t docile.”

Watch the cute and funny video below.

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