Girl Responds to Body Shamers With Kindness


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Source: Facebook/Harriet Kinton

Source: Facebook/Harriet Kinton

Overhearing people talk about your appearance can be a pretty awful thing, especially when it’s negative. Harriet Kinton unfortunately knows this all too well. Kinton was in a Superdrug store in her native U.K. when she overheard two employees insult the shorts she was wearing.

“To the two girls working in Truro Superdrug this afternoon,” Kinton wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. “Don’t worry, I heard the comments you made to each other about my appearance and my shorts. You spoke loud enough for most people to hear.” She goes on to say that she gave the workers a “massive cheesy smile” and even goes so far as to compliment their hair and makeup.


“If you did your own hair and make up for work today, you are both very talented. I could never get my winged liner or my ponytail that perfect!” she wrote.

Kinton also included a photo of what she was wearing that day.

“Just so you know, your words didn’t hurt me,” she wrote. “The looks you gave me did not either. I do feel slightly saddened that you think it’s ok to speak about another female, or in fact anyone, in that way. I don’t believe you gained anything from it apart from looking a little bit silly when you realized I heard you.”

Her post has over 50,000 shares as of press time.

The store got wind of Kinton’s experience and issued an apology. However, instead of providing a description of the two workers who insulted her, Kinton said she just wanted to “spread kindness and positivity” and not “embarrassment or hurt.”

The Superdrug store also said that they will use Kinton’s post for employee training in the future.

“I never imagined it would gain so much publicity and it has definitely shown me how powerful social media can be,” she wrote.

Hopefully the workers, and other people, can learn to use their words for kindness.

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