Good Samaritans Form Human Chain With Police to Rescue Man Trapped in Burning Car


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Source: Shannon Perez YouTube

A group of good samaritans literally connected with Florida police to make a harrowing rescue recently.

After an SUV had careened over a steep embankment following a multi-vehicle collision near Palm Bay, Florida, the vehicle burst into flames. A group of witnesses quickly formed a human chain to pull the driver out of harm’s way, with police joining the effort as soon as they arrived on scene.


The incident was videotaped by one of the witnesses, Shannon Perez, and posted online soon after.

“He kind of fell on top of me and slammed to the passenger side, and then I grabbed him and started pulling him,” explained Tom Sais, who pulled the victim from the vehicle.

The driver escaped the horrific crash with only minor injuries, and Sgt. Steve Shytle of the Palm Bay Police credited those who intervened with saving the driver.

“Without a doubt, without the citizens, this would not have come out to a successful completion.”


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