Grab the Tissues and Watch This Dad Surprise His Son for His 12th Birthday


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Source: Bra Fowler/Facebook

Source: Bra Fowler/Facebook

A father from Philadelphia pulled off the ultimate surprise for his son’s 12th birthday.

Before a “big game today,” Bra Fowler’s son aimlessly walked to their van. The boy was upset and distraught, thinking that his dad forgot his birthday. Luckily, his dad had a plan.


Fowler told his son to go back into the trunk of their van where he pulled out a big box. It is there where Fowler’s son’s emotions do a complete 180. Check out the video below.

Fowler surprised his son and got him a brand new baseball bat. Fowler’s son was instantly overwhelmed by the surprise present.

“Don’t cry! You’re about to make me cry,” the dad says to his son once he opened the box.

The video originally went viral last year and it is not hard to see why. Bleacher Report posted the video to their Facebook page over the weekend, where the video has recaptured its original fame with over 269K likes (as of time of publication).

Seeing the smile on Fowler’s son’s face makes the surprise that much better, proving this video will never get old.

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