This Teenager Showed Up in a Full Suit to Make a Good First Impression When Meeting His Newborn Niece


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This soon-to-be uncle isn’t messing around when it comes to first impressions.


When the 18-year-old sister of Grant Kessler was due to give birth, he showed up to the hospital in a full suit, complete with a tie and clip.

My sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because ‘first impressions matter,’” Kessler’s sister, Iris, wrote on Twitter.

The tweet quickly went viral with over 141,000 retweets and 457,000 likes. People on social media have really resonated with this tweet, commenting about the love and effort that Kessler put in.

Iris Kessler told BuzzFeed that this type of behavior is “totally classic from her brother.”

He’s always the type to show up to things dressed up, or bring a cake for no reason,” Iris Kessler told BuzzFeed.

While it is unsure if Kessler’s niece, Carter, truly appreciated the gesture, it will sure be a fond memory to look back on.

While everyone was dressed casually, I was wearing a suit,” Kessler told USA Today. “I do think that first impressions matter a lot and I wanted Carter to look back on that day with photos and see the attention she was getting,”

“She’s going to grow up hearing this story so I’m sure she will know that it happened, and think it’s funny.” Iris Kessler said to BuzzFeed.

Iris Kessler posted the photo because she wanted everyone to share the moment with her family.

“The reaction is crazy and really exciting for our family,” Iris Kessler told Your Daily Dish via Twitter. “I thought it was really cute and wanted as many people to see it as possible”

Iris Kessler hopes the viral photo will share an uplifting message with those who see it.

“I hope people see that there are such little ways that they can make people around them happy, and to just keep spreading love around in order to brighten anyone’s day that you can!” Iris Kessler said to the Huffington Post.

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