Hero Paints Penises Around Potholes So Officials Are Forced to Fill Them


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Source: Facebook/Wanksy-Road Artist

He’s not only the hero we deserve. He’s the hero we need on every street.

According to The Independent, a graffiti artist by the name of Wanksy – no, not Banksy – is spray painting his name all around North West Britain. But the artist isn’t doing it to boast about his talents. His goals are far more altruistic.


Wanksy has been spray painting penises around potholes in an effort to force local officials to finally fill the holes in.

And it’s working.

Source: Facebook/Independent

Source: Facebook/Independent

As a video for The Independent shows, one pothole had been rattling drivers for eight months. Wanksy put his mark on the hole. Within 48 hours, the holes were filled.

In January, The LAD Bible sat down with Wanksy, who went into fine (hilarious) detail about his work.

If you’re a driver in the U.S., you know that potholes are never high on the list for local officials. Maybe we need our own Wanksy on this side of the pond.


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